Sixth in a series of who our students are and how they perform.

Quality transfer students can bring positive characteristics to the university, not the least of which is a willingness to work. Avril Thorne, Professor of Psychology at U.C. Santa Cruz made this observation:

If I could only choose one student next year, and randomly, it would be a transfer student. They are seriously not kidding around. _____________________________________________________________________

I have previously reflected on the price/value of community colleges for many students. Depending on whose count you accept, there are nearly seven million students enrolled in community colleges right now. Many plan to transfer to senior institutions although only 30% do, according to the U.S. Education Department.

Foundations see the value in helping students through the community college transfer process. The Jack Kent Cooke Foundation Transfer Initiative provides support for students to move from community colleges to some selective four-year institutions such as Amherst, Bucknell, Berkeley, North Carolina, and Michigan, to name a few.