Submission Process For Research Papers

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Submitting Your Research Paper

Click on the “Submit Research” link in the lower left of the screen

Article Title

Please enter the title using Headline Capitalization--e.g., The Scholarly Communication Crisis. It should be entered exactly as you want it to appear on the final version.


Include an email address in order to receive monthly notification of download statistics.

Degree Name

You must select one. If you do not see your degree name, send an email to with the name of the degree.


Choose the Department granting your degree.


Use Last Name, First Name, Middle Initial
E.g., Smith, John L.; Jones-Smith, Laura A.

Publication Date

Use month and year fields only. For month, select May, August, or December.


Keywords are used to help readers discover the article via search engines. Enter up to six key descriptors that you feel best define the content of the work. Individual terms or phrases should be separated by commas.


The abstract should be a concise description of the research paper. You have the option of pasting or typing the abstract into the text area of the submission form. Please choose the option that best defines the format of your abstract:

  • One Paragraph: Select this setting if your abstract should be formatted as a single paragraph, regardless of any line breaks that may have been introduced when copying and pasting it into the form.
  • Multiple paragraphs, separated by carriage returns: Select this setting if your abstract consists of multiple paragraphs, and those paragraphs each begin on a new line.
  • Multiple paragraphs, separated by blank lines: Select this setting if your abstract consists of multiple paragraphs, and those paragraphs are separated by a blank line in the submission form.
  • Paragraphs formatted with HTML tags: If your abstract uses any HTML tags, you must choose this option in order to have those tags correctly interpreted. When entering an HTML tag, please be sure to enter it with the correct opening and closing tags. Please note that the tags will not appear in the text of the abstract; they will just affect how the abstract looks when it is uploaded.

Upload File

Microsoft Word files are preferred. They will be converted automatically to a pdf. Direct submission of pdf files is also acceptable. To upload your file, click the radio button next to “Upload file from your computer,” and then click the Browse button. In the resulting dialog, navigate to the location of the document on your computer, and select it. The specifics for doing this will vary depending on your system. If you are running Microsoft Windows, and you're have trouble locating your document after clicking the Browse button, be sure that the setting at the bottom of the dialog is set to show files of all types.

Additional Files

Click the box here to upload supplementary files, such as multimedia, video, or audio files. Follow the instructions.


When the preceding steps are complete, click on the Submit button at the bottom of the screen. This completes the submission process.


If you experience any problems with your submission, contact, and include your name and the nature of the problem.